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Unreleased Tracks for FansOnlyⓑ stans

FansOnlyⓑ stans deserve love, and love they shall get. Today, love means getting early access to music you had didn’t know existed nor did you care about until you read this sentence. But now, you must have it. And have it you shall.

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On the Zooms Song Essay

If You Stop Using Zoom, Do You Cease to Exist?If You Stop Using Zoom, Do You Cease to Exist? She loved people and she loved travel. The pandemic took both. Her family lived on another continent, so face-to-screen-to-face was familiar. But it was bloodless.

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We Are Prisoners of Time

Time is presented as a fact; as the math by which we live, but time instead is the dark diamond serpent slowly coiling itself around a solitary tree in a story we know . . . we know . . . we know . . . but we’ve never been told. When does this story begin? When does this story end?

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