BTV The Series

A “chaotic and inventive” short form web docuseries direct from the mind of Brick Blair.
Visually stunning, masterfully edited, intellectually stimulating, and almost guaranteed to
successfully help you avoid whatever it is you are supposed to be doing right now.


Season One: Your Device

The first season of BTV The Series goes deep into the heart of Your Device, Brick’s first commercial song release. We want to say that this series is about Your Device, but that would be misleading. It’s more around, beside, underneath, inside of, or intermingled in an unholy way with Your Device. Watch it and blurb it—the marketing interns over here could use a hand. 

Episode 01: Attention is Hard

In Bed With The Song

Climb into bed with Brick and his songs as he tells you their story. In this “groundbreaking and innovative” narrative series, get cozy and intimate with the ideas, emotions, themes, and inspiration behind each of this “hilarious, insightful, and intelligent” artist’s creations.

Season One: Your Device

Your Device is a short song with a deep history and expansive narrative.
If you want to live with this song for a little longer than 2:21, dive in.

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