I’ve been a farm boy, fired choir boy, best boy, and a cowboy. A mechanic, a drunken wreck, a trucker, and a nailer.
  • A baler, a swather, a mother, a father.
  • A Brethren, a preacher, a missionary, a teacher.
  • An Albertan, Victorian, New Yorker, valedictorian.
A hoser and a closer, a fisher and a fighter. A painter, a framer, a gamer, and brat tamer. A guru, a journalist, a heathen, a hedonist.
  • A photographer, biographer, a guard and a center.
  • A monogamist, polyamorist, enveloper and developer.
A hunter, biographer, racer, and writer. I’ve lost it all but kept the rest. And finally, I am—and will always be—Brick, and these are my songs. I hope you enjoy them. Thank you for your attention, because your attention is your time, and your time is all you really have.
Alternate cover image for Two Dollar Coast, a song by Brick Blair

Two Dollar Coat: Answers and Questions

“Almost all my gear is from charity shops and estate sales,” said Brick. “I rebuild it then write and record with it. Some pieces I keep and others I sell through a side business I have with my kids. The acoustic guitar is an early 70s Japanese Epiphone dreadnought I bought several years ago at a charity shop (Goodwill) and kept.”

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Cover image for Two Dollar Coast, a song by Brick Blair

Listen Now: Two Dollar Coat from Brick Blair

Two Dollar Coat is a new stripped down, vulnerable song from Brick Blair that evokes classic acoustic singer songwriters like Yusuf/Cat Stevens and John Prine, albums like Bruce Springsteen’s Nebraska, and songs like Townes Van Zandt’s, Waiting Around to Die.

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On the Zooms Song Essay

If You Stop Using Zoom, Do You Cease to Exist?If You Stop Using Zoom, Do You Cease to Exist? She loved people and she loved travel. The pandemic took both. Her family lived on another continent, so face-to-screen-to-face was familiar. But it was bloodless.

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