Brick Blair & Friends

An intimate Brooklyn indie music showcase

An Intimate Musical Evening with Rising Brooklyn Stars

Hey it’s Brick, how are you?

We have an amazing show at a great venue. We will get up close and personal with four of Brooklyn’s most dynamic and up-and-coming music stars, in a chill and cozy atmosphere.

Each artist will perform a 15-minute set then I will interview them about their music, their lives, and what’s next for them. We will connect with each artist and their art on a deeper level.

Brick Blair

Farm fresh Brooklyn emo ranch singer songwriter.

Melissa Gordon

Queens singer-songwriter who guides listeners through moments of collective joy, humor, and sadness.

Pink Honey Moan

Pink Honey Moan is putting soulful anachronistic Blues Pop music back on the airwaves.

Minnie Dee

Up-tempo Neo Soul grooves with positive messages, wild theatrics, and sassy soulful vocals.

What Fans Are Saying

“Throughout the night with Brick, I knew I was watching and listening to something real and present."
Brick Blair Holding Guitar
Brick Blair
"Melissa is a pure, powerful folk singer-songwriter—you would not have been surprised to hear her performing had you walked into the the Gaslight Cafe in the 60s. Honest with deep folk roots but contemporary sensibilities."
Melissa Gordon
Melissa Gordon
"Singer-songwriter Pink Honey Moan is putting soulful anachronistic Blues Pop music back on the airwaves."
Pink Honey Moan
"Minnie Dee is charismatic and is a fresh quirky unique talent We look forward to hearing more from her and seeing where she will take us next."
Minnie Dee

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The venue

Crown Heights Cafe

Located in the heart of one of Brooklyn’s most historic and culturally rich neighborhoods, Crown Heights Café is a Black-Owned neighborhood destination for coffee, amazing food, and performances.

764 Franklin Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238 

Are You Seriously Going to Netflix and Chill on Thursday Night?

Uh, okay, whelp I guess that’s . . . cool . . . or . . .